Ms 153, 1898


Ms 153, 1898

Notes of Travel

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

October 28, 1898

Portions of this manuscript are published in Ev 296; TMK 70, 340; 4Bio 368.

We all feel very grateful to our heavenly Father for the blessings He has given us in our labors at this place. We arrived here at twelve p.m. October 13. During the time of this meeting I have spoken before large congregations eight times, and six times before a much smaller number. The very first evening of our meeting the large tent was full; about the same number were out Sabbath afternoon, and every evening with the exception of two, the tent has been packed. On the first Sunday afternoon there was supposed to be 1,000 people present, and on the second Sunday the number was estimated at fifteen hundred. Both Sunday afternoons members of Parliament were present, who listened with the deepest interest. Ms153-1898.1

The Brisbane papers had given notice that Mrs. White, a lady of seventy years of age, would speak Sabbath and Sunday afternoons. The people wondered greatly that Mrs. White’s voice could be heard distinctly by all in the large tent, and by the wall of people who stood in solid columns on the outside. Ms153-1898.2

On the last Sunday of the meetings the Lord gave me a great victory. I was much exhausted. The air in the tent at the morning meeting had not been fresh, and the curtains had not been raised to give ventilation. After uniting with the people in prayer I stood up to speak, and staggered three times while talking. It was noticed by all, but I would not sit down, neither did I fall. The tent was then raised, but I left the tent after talking thirty minutes. This was at the early morning meeting, at six o’clock. I seemed to have no strength at all, but at three p.m. I went on the platform. I had a portion of Scripture to speak upon, but I could not remember what I meant to bring before the people. Ms153-1898.3

I stood up, and another portion of Scripture came into my mind. I had been a little hoarse, but I felt that the angel of the Lord was by my side, for my voice was clear and full and distinct. Some who had given up their seats to strangers, and had gone into their tents, said that they heard every word from the beginning to the close. I spoke for one hour and a half upon the subject of temperance. After I returned to my home I had no fears that I had not done as well as I ought. I felt that it was not Ellen G. White who had spoken, but that the Lord had spoken through the frail instrument. I felt my soul softened and subdued by the power of God. My heart was full of peace and joy in the Lord. I felt that I had indeed been worked that day by the Holy Spirit. Ms153-1898.4

The contributions that afternoon amounted to three pounds eleven shillings. The people acted as if a spell was upon them, as though they could not leave the tent or the grounds. At the close of my address, Brother Semmens came in with his talk upon health, and he had a large audience. Ms153-1898.5

I am glad that I came to this place. I was hardly willing to come, and decided not to do so, but in the visions of the night I was addressing a large audience, whose hands were reached out as if they were saying, We are in darkness. We need light. Will you help us? I was shown several companies, reaching out their hands to me and asking for help. I looked at these companies varying in size, but all painfully in earnest, and the words came as distinctly to me as though spoken by Christ Himself, “Say not ye, there are four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white, already to harvest. And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.” [John 4:35, 36.] Ms153-1898.6

I tried to make myself believe that this meant the places within thirty miles of Cooranbong, Newcastle and Maitland, and several other places nearer than this. The standard of truth has not yet been lifted in these places. I told brother Herbert Lacey that I would help him to make an effort in Newcastle, that I would speak to the people as often as possible. He is established there with his wife and a number of workers. But again the scene of the people calling for help was presented before me. The same voice said, They are as sheep that have no shepherd. Then I decided to attend the camp meeting, and the Lord, I am sure, has been teaching me. Ms153-1898.7

We travelled in a sleeper, Sara having a berth on one side of the room and I on the other. We did not get to our berth before eleven o’clock,. In the morning, a long while before day, I was looking out of the window, viewing the landscape, which was dreary enough. I was seeking the Lord most earnestly for physical strength and mental clearness and spiritual power. I was awake one or two hours, then I fell asleep. Ms153-1898.8

After a time I was awakened by a voice saying, Look at those two clouds; it was just such clouds as these that enshrouded the heavenly host who proclaimed to the shepherds the birth of the world’s Redeemer. I looked out of the car window, and there were two large-sized white clouds, as white as snow. They were distinct, separate clouds. They did not disappear. One would approach and touch the other, and for a moment they would blend together. Then they would separate, and remain as distinct as before. This continued through the entire forenoon. At twelve o’clock we changed cars, and I did not see the clouds any more. Ms153-1898.9

I was deeply impressed with the thoughts that the angels of God were enshrouded in these clouds, and were going before us. The peace of God came into my heart, and I was brought very near to my Saviour. Since we have seen the wonderful interest here, I am more than ever sure that those clouds enshrouded heavenly angels, and that they were sent from the courts above to move upon the hearts of the people. In this effort we have made, thousands have heard truths which they never heard before. We have faith to believe that angels of God have been commissioned to press back the powers of darkness, that unbelief should not have the supremacy. The Holy Spirit can work with the efforts of God’s servants, that the sword of the Spirit may flash right and left, and cut through the fleshy tables of the heart, bringing conviction to human consciences and piercing the recesses of the soul. The light given me is that if we will not carry about with us the rubbish of self, if we will purify our souls by obeying the truth, individual experiences will be obtained. Ms153-1898.10