The Fannie Bolton Story


Fannie Bolton to E. G. White, May Lacey and Emily Campbell, October 7, 1892

Now about last month’s mail. After I got through with Elder [Uriah] Smith’s letter, [of reproof] I felt utterly exhausted, and went to bed early; but woke at one with one of those dreadful headaches. I had to get Bro. and Sister Camp up to get hot water, as it was impossible for me to get down to the kitchen myself. They were very kind and worked for me for a couple of hours. It seemed that my head never ached so hard before. I was laid up from Tuesday night until Friday. Marian and Sister Daniells took hold of the rest of the mail. May Israel could not help us as she was busy with letters for Elders Starr and Rousseau. I copied 42 pages of the mail (five of these were copied by May Israel) and Marian and Sister Daniells 28 pages. I sent off beside 7 articles for Review, 6 for Signs. Since the mail has gone I have prepared four articles more for papers. “Justification by faith,” and “Come ye apart and rest awhile.” We will send up the letters by Bro. Tenny though the carbons are very poor, owing to the difficulty under which we labored. W. C. [White] has brought us a new box, and we hope the next mail will look better. We had all the letters put in copybook. Is there any objections to making the matter sent to Elder Olsen on “The Condition of the Church” into an article for the Review? I have a number of articles to be copied for Youth’s Instructor beside what you have sent. I have read this last matter through, and think it good for [the] Instructor. FBS 8.1

My health is not good at all. I feel so tired all the time. My head and nerves seem tired out. My stomach and bowels are inactive; but my foot is much better, and I can walk around a little without crutches, though it is very slowly and only a short distance. Across the room is quite a journey. I went to a man down town who gave me some salve for it. He told me I must not live under a tension; for my nerves were in a bad condition. It seems too bad almost that I should be here at so great expense to the conference and not be able to do the work that ought to be done. But I am here, and will have to do what I can and try not to worry any more about it. FBS 8.2