The Fannie Bolton Story


Manuscript 63, 1896, pp. 3, 5. (Diary entries for March 19 and March 22, 1896.)

[March 19, 1896:] I have received a letter from Fannie Bolton, very much after the same that she has previously written. While I feel pity and sadness for her, I do not feel that I can again connect with her. Yesterday I wrote some things in reference to the past, in the experience I have had with Caldwell and—. Then I was writing upon the fifteenth chapter of John: “I am the true Vine, and My Father is the Husbandman.” FBS 64.6

As I was writing a heavenly atmosphere pervaded the room. I have had the same experience many times in my life. I lost all sense of everything around me. I saw no symbol, no person, but a communication was made to me as if words were spoken: FBS 64.7

“Fannie Bolton is not under the ministration of the Holy Spirit. Although she has proved herself unworthy to be connected with the work in which you are engaged, yet take her to your home and treat the poor deceived child as one who needs help. She cannot ever be connected with the work that is to go forth in all the meekness and lowliness of Christ. She needs your help in more ways than one. Testify to her that you pardon her, and let her return to her home as she desires. Be careful whom you connect with you in your work, for you must not carry such burdens, but bear testimony that you will help her to come to Jesus and repent. Open the door for her to come to Me, for it is I whom she has wounded and has misrepresented. But I will forgive her past falsifying if she will see it is I whom she has wounded and falsified in misrepresenting the work I have chosen you to do.” FBS 64.8

I decided to take Fannie Bolton home with us and take care of her, although she has done me great injury, misstated me, cast reflection upon my work, and left the impression upon minds that she was the one who made my books. She has confessed to me and yet she repeats the same false statements. I shall do all I can to help the poor soul. FBS 65.1

[March 22, 1896:] Had talk with Fannie Bolton and proposed to take her to my home and see if a change will not do her good. *See Addendum, p. 124. FBS 65.2