The Fannie Bolton Story


S. McCullough to Fannie Bolton, November 24? 1895

Your welcome letter reached us in due time. Of course we were much surprised at the bulk of its contents, not having heard a sentence of the matter about which you write. FBS 50.5

We are sorry indeed to hear of your present sorrow and sadness, and can only pray that you may run with patience whatever course He has marked out for you. Dear Fannie, be assured that God is not so ready to cast us off as the evil one would persuade us; but His mercy runs parallel with His existence. FBS 50.6

So far as we are concerned, we have nothing against you to forgive. If we had we would only be willing to forgive you a thousand times over. With the solemn realities of eternity stretching away before us, and with the great light of truth flashing across our pathway, we feel that perfect love, and frankness should characterize our every move, in our contact with each other in the Lord. You have our respect. Wherein in times past we have spoken things to you that seemed to cut or grieve, we did it with a pure desire to do you good. The Lord helping us, we will ever be your friend. FBS 50.7

We are very sorry that matters so developed that Sister White thought it best to separate you from her work. Of course you know that we have always had unbounded confidence in her work, and in her judgment. For a long time I have looked upon the matter in the same light as I regard the Word, and the Gospel. The Bible is human words, it is divine thoughts. Again the Bible is human thoughts and divine words. So which ever way you turn it around, it is Divine. It is human, the mystery is that it is both. The Gospel is divine, but only manifested through human flesh. In fact, the whole mystery of redemption is divinity revealed through humanity. I have looked at the work of Sister White in much the same light. To merely look at the human instrumentality and judge matters from that standpoint, would leave us in the same position as the infidel who judges the Bible from the standpoint of human philosophy merely. Every part of God’s work is a work of faith, and all the blessings of heaven are to us just what our faith will make them, and no more. Yet it is God that worketh. FBS 51.1

Be of good cheer, Christ will give you light. He will give you grace to overcome wherever the greatest weakness exists. Perhaps this move of Sister White will after all prove the greatest blessing you ever had. Let us pray that God will make it a blessing to you. FBS 51.2