The Fannie Bolton Story


Letter 19, 1896, pp. 1, 4, 5. (To W. F Caldwell, c. September, 1895, sent June 11, 1896.)

I have had very little help from Fannie for many months, not because she cannot work, but her association with you has caused her to have an experience which has unfitted her to do anything in my work. FBS 40.11

I feel deeply over another matter, and that is your visiting Fannie in her tent. I have already decided that you two cannot work together. You are a married man, father of two children. If your wife has obtained a divorce from you that does not leave you free to marry again, as I read my Bible... FBS 40.12

Before leaving I must lay down some rules. There is no call for Caldwell to visit Fannie’s tent. Fannie has not been in working order for some time. Her association with you is largely the cause of this. I know this to be so, and therefore I say, keep away from her tent. When I am away you will feel that you have a fine opportunity to get into her society whenever you can; and I cannot go without warning you and charging you to keep yourself to yourself. I want no reproach brought upon me nor upon this community, by imprudent, careless habits or practices. FBS 41.1