The Fannie Bolton Story


Fannie Bolton to Miss Malcolm, November 11, 1894

Concerning the matter of which I have written to you before, I will say that there is no reason why you or anyone else should be thrown into perplexity. Sr. White is the prophet of the Lord for the remnant church, and though the Lord has seen fit to choose one for this work who is not proficient in grammar and rhetoric, and this lack is supplied by others, yet she is responsible for every thought, for every expression in her writings. Every manuscript that is edited goes back to her for examination, and this work committed to those who have been called to labor in this branch, is not done without prayer and consecration. “The word of the Lord” comes to her; but if passing through the human channel, the human imperfection in education, leaves its impress, why should it be a perplexity? If God should lay upon another the trifling duty of putting the subject of a sentence in harmony with its verb, or the number or gender of a thing mentioned in harmony with the fact that determines the number or gender? There are many ways of expressing the same thought. We may say, “Sit down,” “Take a chair,” “the sun shines,” “it is a bright day,” “the atmosphere is illuminated,” and not mar the thought in using different words. Now as far as changing Sr. White’s expressions are concerned, I can say that just as far as it is consistent with grammar and rhetoric, her expressions are left intact. Now I beg of you to study the wonderful truths that have come to you through the Spirit of Prophecy, and “make them a part of yourselves.” They lead not away from God and purity, but toward heaven and perfection. There is no violence done in truth in expressing it in various ways. Even Jesus did not quote exactly the words of the prophet. Pray over the matter and God will give peace about it. With much love to all, Yours in Christ, Fannie Bolton. FBS 37.5