The Fannie Bolton Story


Letter 136, 1894, pp. 1-3. (To W. C. White, January 8, 1894.)

I have just received and read a letter from Fannie and it has the right ring in it and I am so thankful that she is trying to surrender herself to God as she has never done before. I will hope and pray that this trial may work our good and the glory of God.... FBS 18.3

After you shall consider the whole matter, and think it all over, and pray about it, let me know what is the impression on your mind in regard to my taking Fannie back. I want to do exactly as the Master would have me to do. If the warnings given have called Fanny to repentance and she appears to be truly converted, then will it be best to trust her with this matter? Let me know what I should do. I could not ask a more full confession. I have dealt very plainly with her and I do now greatly desire to move in the way of the Lord. I want His counsel and it seems to me we have come to a crisis in our work. I have, after talking plainly with Fannie, refused to see her again. FBS 18.4

I have not had my usual amount of sleep since the camp meeting. Several mornings, could not sleep past two a.m. I have been weighed down with perplexity and with great distress of mind. The future looks so uncertain to me, so full of perplexities. If Fannie is dropped out, who will do the work? After reading the enclosed letter from her, then you can better tell what decisions to make. FBS 18.5

The weather is changeable. I have ridden out quite a number of times with Brother and Sister Starr. We have consulted together over the case of Fannie, for Fannie has sought his counsel and she feels almost in despair at the prospect of being sent back to Battle Creek. But since this letter came, I have had a glimmering hope that the change in her may call for a change of decision in me. This is my desire, to know what position I should take at this time. If you have any counsel, please give it. Oh, if you had only written to me when you would come back, then I could have something to work to.... FBS 18.6

I will not urge that you come back before your business is done unless you think it best by all means for Fannie to go back to America. FBS 19.1