The Fannie Bolton Story


“Concerning Editorial Work for Mrs. E. G. White,” no date, by Eliza Burnham or Marian Davis

In the small Testimonies to Ministers and Conference Workers, Number 9, pp. 75-80, [now in Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, 387-391] is a letter headed, “The Preciousness of Christ to His Followers.” The same matter is published in the Signs of the Times for 1896, Number 35, (Sept. 3) under the heading, “That Christ May Abide in Your Hearts by Faith.” The letter, as it appears in the testimony, was written by Sister White to Elder Haskell, and was very hurriedly edited and read by me to a copyist one morning before breakfast, in order to catch the mail. Under these circumstances, of course, only very slight change was possible,—such as verbal correction of hastily written, ungrammatical sentences. The article, as it appears in the Signs of the Times, was prepared from a copy of that typewritten manuscript. It was edited for publication in the Signs by Fannie Bolton. Some may be interested in reading the first manuscript, and noting the character of the matter as it came, with the slightest possible change, directly from the pen of Sister White. They may be interested also in comparing the two versions, and noting the extent of the changes made in the later one. FBS 122.2