Manuscript Releases, vol. 3 [Nos. 162-209]


MR No. 185—Material Published in the Appendix of “Thirteen Crisis Years”

MR No. 186—Miscellaneous Material for Use with Spirit of Prophecy Day

We are bound here, and are trying to be patient. We ... are grateful to our heavenly Father that it is as well with us as it is. We have but little provision except three papers of granola. We can get along nicely if we get some milk.... We have enough to keep us warm and I think we can manage to get food enough to eat until we shall be able to go either back or forward.—Letter 67, 1889, p. 2. (To Daughter Mary (Mrs. W. C. White) and Sister McOmber, June 1, 1889.) 3MR 237.1

We will defray all expenses. We will go trusting in the Lord to go before us and to preserve us from accident and harm.... 3MR 237.2

Rubbish of all kinds, fences, old cupboards, logs, debris of every kind came tearing down the valley sweeping everything before it, sweeping away the bridge, washing out the rails and piling them up one above another in a grotesque manner.... 3MR 237.3

Do what you can for us, we must be put across that river.... 3MR 237.4

He was the larger of the two and less nervous. When he came up the bank all right, I wept like a child and praised the Lord aloud.... 3MR 237.5

Nearly everything in the stores like eatables were in the water and scented and tasted so badly, we could not eat them, and our food was rather meager. But we had no disposition to murmur!.... 3MR 237.6

In the disastrous floods I have seen literally fulfilled the very scenes that were presented to me in vision forty years ago.—Letter 54, 1889, pp. 2, 4-7. (To Brother M. J. Church, June 6, 1889.) 3MR 237.7

All who have anything to say testify this has been the best camp meeting they ever attended.—Letter 68, 1889, pp. 1, 2. (To Daughter Mary (Mrs. W. C. White), June 12, 1889.) 3MR 238.1

Released March 3, 1966.