Manuscript Releases, vol. 3 [Nos. 162-209]


MR No. 187—Unpublished Material Concerning Debt

Some things have been opened before me. I seemed to be present with others in a meeting in which the debt on Battle Creek College was being discussed.... 3MR 239.1

One present, who bore on his face an expression of heavenly dignity said.... This debt has been increased by the erection of buildings directly contrary to the warning not to build. Men concluded that they knew best, and the building went on.... God's people are not to manage any part of His work, spiritual or temporal, with carelessness. The cause of God must not be imperilled, as it has been by men neglecting to take inventory, and know how they stand financially.... It is not an honor to God to carry on schools when by so doing a mountain of debt is piling up.... 3MR 239.2

“It has not been wisdom to incur large debts by erecting buildings. Adding building to building, without becoming free from debts previously incurred, is a snare to the soul. Embarrassment should not be thrown on the Lord's instrumentalities by placing on them debts incurred by human mismanagement”.... 3MR 239.3

The erection of so many large buildings in one place as there are in Battle Creek is not according to the light and wisdom received from God.—Manuscript 126, 1899, 1-3, 6. (“Words of Warning,” August 28, 1899.) 3MR 239.4

If we walk in the counsel of the Lord, we shall have opportunity to purchase for sanitarium purposes at a reasonable rate, properties on which there already are buildings that can be utilized.... 3MR 239.5

It may sometimes be necessary, however, to select a site on which no improvements have been made and no buildings erected. In such a case, we must be careful not to select a place which will of necessity require a large outlay of means for improvements. Through lack of experience, and miscalculations, we may be entrapped into the incurring of large debts, because the buildings and improvements cost two or three times as much as was estimated.—Manuscript 114, 1902, 2. (“Instruction Regarding Sanitarium Work.” Typed September 1, 1902.) 3MR 240.1

The question now before us is, Shall we try to secure the places that seem desirable in price and location, when we cannot tell where our money is coming from? ... I am not prepared to say that we should not, under any circumstances, purchase land to which the Lord seems to have directed our minds, when there is no hindrance but the question of ready money, and which property, in the providence of God, we could soon pay for. We have to guard against mistakes on both sides. If we see a good opportunity to secure a building as in Paradise Valley, I think it should be purchased.—Letter 167, 1902, pp. 1, 2. (To Brother and Sister Evans, October 26, 1902.) 3MR 240.2

Brother Wessels writes that he has taken steps to secure the place of seventy acres. This is the one that will serve our purposes best, and the terms are easy. One hundred pounds is to be paid down, and two hundred, I believe, in three months; the balance in twelve months at 5 percent interest. The reason why we have purchased so much land is because those who are connected with the sanitarium will want to purchase land to build houses of their own on, but we do not want these houses near the sanitarium. Thus we have nearly three thousand pounds to pay in twelve months. This is ten thousand dollars. At the union conference we raised nine hundred pounds among ourselves. I pledged one hundred pounds. I have hired the money, paying five percent interest. I know I must pledge to the very extent of my powers in order to keep the donations as large as possible.... We have walked out by faith, and we expect to buy this land.—Letter 190, 1899, pp. 5, 6. (To Sister Gotzian, November 1, 1899.) 3MR 240.3

Released March 1966.