Manuscript Releases, vol. 3 [Nos. 162-209]


MR No. 198—Materials Desired for R. H. Pierson Book

God has a great work to be accomplished in Africa, and no plans must be laid without the aid of His infinite wisdom. After your plans of labor have been talked over together, mingled with earnest prayer, work, work for Christ. Be not intimidated by apparent difficulties which threaten to obstruct your pathway. 3MR 293.1

Work for your own souls until self is subdued, until Christ recognizes His image in you.... 3MR 293.2

Those who are exacting, who are faultfinding, who think evil of others, are advancing the work of the enemy, tearing down that which God would have built up.—Letter 4, 1890, pp. 7-9. (To “Brethren Now Laboring as Missionaries in the Field of Africa,” March, 1890.) 3MR 293.3

Brother Robinson, tell all who labor in Africa that they must have characters that can be identified as Christlike.—Letter 23c, 1892, p. 8. (To Elder A. T. Robinson, July 20, 1892.) 3MR 293.4

There is a need for much love and far less criticism. When the Holy Spirit is manifestly working in the hearts of ministers and helpers, they will reveal the tenderness and love of Christ.—Letter 183, 1899, p. 6. (To Brother Hyatt, November 9, 1899.) 3MR 293.5

It is not for us to stay in a place with the people who know the truth.... Go where the people know nothing of the truth, and lift the standard, proclaim the message.—Letter 79, 1899, p. 2. (To Elder Hyatt, May 3, 1899.) 3MR 293.6

Released April 18, 1967.