Manuscript Releases, vol. 3 [Nos. 162-209]


MR No. 197—Additional Statements Regarding Stephen N. Haskell

The man who is to come to Chicago must not on any account enter into any controversies with any men.... He will seek to be original and in doing this will get odd notions, and we want nothing of the kind to come in. Our work must move in a dignified, elevated, ennobling manner.—Letter 96, 1900, p. 5. (To Brother and Sister S. N. Haskell, July 3, 1900.) 3MR 292.1

There are many things in this world that cast bright lights into our life experience. We have the evidence day by day that the Lord is working through the ministration of His angels in our school at Cooranbong. In His word the Lord is giving the most precious, noble thoughts to our students.... All have every advantage in the school to have their minds carried upward to a higher level and to a purer, clearer atmosphere, where the Lord can communicate with them individually.—Manuscript 175, 1897, 3, 4 (Diary, August 1-31, 1897.) 3MR 292.2

Released February 28, 1967.