Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


The Birth of Twin Grandsons

If W. C. White and even Ellen White had their attention diverted from the institute for a few hours, it was not to be wondered at, for on Sunday night, April 6, May White gave birth to twin sons. We will let the proud grandmother give the report: 4BIO 264.6

Last night about ten o'clock, Sara came into my room full of excitement and glad surprise. Mrs. May Lacey White presented to her husband a pair of twin boys. The mother is doing well. She had a midwife—a good, intelligent, motherly woman—and Sara McEnterfer.... Both mother and babies are doing well.—Letter 137, 1896. 4BIO 265.1

Ellen White rejoiced, for “at one time,” she wrote, “it appeared that the White family, if time lasted much longer, would become extinct, but when these two boys came into the family, the prospect seemed more encouraging.”—Letter 119, 1896. 4BIO 265.2

In the days and weeks that followed, Ellen White made frequent mention of the healthy babies, “hearty, hungry little fellows” (Letter 121, 1896), and their steady development. 4BIO 265.3