Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 11 (1896)


Lt 137, 1896

Kellogg, Dr. and Mrs. [J. H.]

Sunnyside, Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia

April 6, 1896

Portions of this letter are published in TMK 356; SpM 80; 4Bio 265.

Dear Brother and Sister:

We are now in the midst of an interesting institute, to consider the subject of higher education and what is comprised in a whole-sided education. I have reason to be grateful to my heavenly Father for His tender watchcare over me. After very taxing labor in the suburbs of Sydney, I returned home greatly exhausted. The institute meetings commenced one week ago last Thursday; but I could not take any part until last Friday. I kept in the open air much of the time. This, with the most simple food—crackers and uncooked tomatoes—were all the remedies that I used. And I repeated the Scripture, “Be still and know that I am God.” [Psalm 46:10.] 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 1

Friday, I ventured to speak to those assembled. Then the burden came upon me with such force that I was constrained to speak most pointedly in regard to the close examination of self, and, How is it with thy soul? I pointed out the evil of over-eating of even healthful food. There were cases before me, which needed to guard the appetite and not make a god of the stomach. If they over-eat then the brain power is taxed to take care of a large quantity of food that they do not demand, and the mind is beclouded and the perceptions enfeebled, making it impossible to take in the grand and sacred truth, and to have that faith that works by love and purifies the soul. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 2

After bearing a plain testimony, I called together several responsible brethren and presented before them a case that was most aggravating in character. I will not explain all the painful features; but the communications that I had given him, and one other connected with him, had made no change in their attitude, and they were separated from me. The man seemed to be unable to comprehend Bible requirements. By eating to excess, the stomach is made to do double work, and the mind is affected and unfitted to take in and comprehend eternal realities. Those who indulge the appetite to the expense of brain and nerve power will not and cannot take in the messages the Lord gives—the spiritual bread from heaven which is the Word of God. There are thousands upon thousands who are intemperate in eating, and the result is that the lust of the flesh is warring against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 3

In the case I referred to, I was compelled to become interested in, and to review, the life practice during his religious life and before he claimed to be converted, and the life was filled with selfishness of which it is difficult to give a description. The whole life was perverted. Unrighteous, unchristian actions did not appear as objectionable. The daily load with which the stomach was taxed caused suffering, indigestion, and physical weakness. But although one to whom God had entrusted capabilities and talents, the fleshly lusts were so indulged that it spoiled the whole man, and every day he was becoming less and less susceptible to the influences of the Spirit of God. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 4

I see in these two persons with whom I have been laboring the deadness of sensibility, and that sin and transgression—stealing, deception, lying, adultery, etc.—have lost their offensive character. When these grievous sins are made to appear as the Lord regards them, they respond, “Oh, that is not much.” These are persons who have had great privileges and great light, and they have supposed that they would in time enter the ministry. I told them that we would just as soon send wolves among the sheep, for their consciences were seared as with a hot iron. The process that has made them thus has been a disregard in little things—a deviation in character from right principles in little things. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 5

The dealing with these two human agents has greatly alarmed me. They fail to hear and to retain the words I speak to them. And the words which they do not hear are the words which require a reformation in life practice—to do those things that they consider will humiliate self—and then they will deny that these words were spoken to them. I have been shown that all who love indulgence in sin are the ones who do not hear—do not perceive the words spoken. Why? Because evil angels have so long led them and controlled their powers that the words spoken to awaken conviction are changed by Satan to mean something else. This is evidencing the power of Satan over human ears to hear things all crooked and strange; and the very things the Lord would have them hear they do not understand. They say that you never spoke to them the words that you know you did speak. But Satan intercepted the words that they did not hear them. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 6

“Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sin.” [Isaiah 58:1.] The straight testimony must be borne whether men will hear or whether they will forbear. Those reproved who will not be warned, counseled, or reformed, but who justify their own course of action will be left to their own ways, to be filled with their own doings. Like the inhabitants of the old world, they will follow with persistent zeal the imagination of their own hearts, and they will perish in their sins. When the earth is reeling to and fro like a drunkard, when the heavens are shaking, and the great day of the Lord has come, who shall be able to stand? One object they behold in trembling agony from which they will try in vain to escape. “Behold, he cometh with clouds, and every eye shall see him.” [Revelation 1:7.] The unsaved utter wild imprecations to dumb nature—their god: “Mountains and rocks, ‘Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.’” [Revelation 6:16.] 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 7

Creation is loyal to her God, and deaf to the frenzied call. That unrequited love is now turned to wrath. Sinners who would not let Jesus take away their sins are rushing from place to place in search of a hiding place, crying, The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and our souls are not saved! 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 8

Oh that they had seen the Rock of shelter and perfect safety—the Cleft of the Rock—whither they might flee until the indignation be overpast! “A man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest.” [Isaiah 32:2.] That Lamb whose wrath will be so terrible to the scorners of His grace, will be grace and righteousness and love and blessing to all who have received Him. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 9

The pillar of cloud that was dark with terror and avenging wrath to the Egyptians, was to the people of God a pillar of fire for brightness. So will it be to the Lord’s people in these last days. The light and glory of God to His commandment-keeping people are darkness to the unbelieving. They see that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. The arm, long stretched, strong to save all who come unto Him, is strong to execute His judgment upon all who would not come unto Him that they might have life. God grant that while mercy still lingers, while the voice of invitation is still heard, that there will be a turning unto the Lord. The sure provision has been made to shelter every soul and shield those who have kept His commandments until the indignation be overpast. “In him was life; and the life was the light of men.” [John 1:4.] Then we are to seek that light now, and here on this earth we are to learn the redemption song, that we may sing praises of God and the Lamb here, and in heaven. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 10

[Later:] I wrote this far, but transactions were going on in whose outcome we were deeply interested, and I could not write, but only pray. Last night about ten o’clock Sara came into my room full of excitement and glad surprise. Mrs. May Lacey White presented to her husband a pair of twin boys. The mother is doing well. She had a midwife—a good, intelligent, motherly woman—and Sara McEnterfer. The labor was protracted but not severe. Both mother and babies are doing well. May has a splendid constitution, and has had special care for herself. She has treated herself according to the directions in Ladies’ Guide. This occurrence has deprived me of preparing matter for the American mail. I could not write. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 11

Since last Friday, I have taken my turn in speaking upon true education in contrast with a perverted education. I have spoken four times. I shall take my position upon this subject decidedly. I will send you copies of that which I have written, but not edited. Our meetings are doing good. But we would see the work going deeper and still deeper. We see a few that will be aroused; and the many—those whom we cannot arouse—will have a superficial experience. But the warning must be given. The religious element is always the one that causes us the most trouble. Our heart aches as we see the truth perverted—the law of God made void. These have ears but they hear not; eyes have they, but they see not. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 12

There are those who are feeling deeply in regard to the fast approaching crisis. It will not be long before the gathering storm will burst upon the world that is so asleep in sin. The misapprehension and misinterpretation of the divine ways and counsels, the refusals of divine offers of mercy because of stern, determined unbelief and defiant pride, will not let them become tender of heart and convinced. Every true, loyal soldier of Jesus Christ will not study his own ease, his own convenience, his own pleasure, or his own selfish gratification. We have no time to lose. Our hearts must and will be stirred with emotion as we see the thousands perishing around us, and so few earnest God-fearing workers. And because the means is so limited, we are bound about, and we cannot extend the work as we could. The gospel trumpet must give its certain sound; that is the work of the Watchman, whether men will hear or whether they will forbear. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 13

I dreamed I was visiting those who believed the truth; and I saw in their houses trinkets and ornaments. And while I felt like weeping as a little child over the future prospects—on account of lack of means—in regard to advancing the cause of present truth, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I said, “In this house are many idols. If these things that can do your souls no good were sold, and the money put into the Lord’s treasury, there would not be the deprivation of any of their comforts, and the means would help advance the work of God.” I went from house to house, and pointed out the needless things that the Lord’s money, entrusted to His stewards, had bought. That very means could have been a great blessing to help build our school buildings on this land, and also our meeting houses that, as churches are raised up, we must have. There are many camp meetings to be held in new places, and how to obtain the means is a problem. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 14

The camp meeting is the great and marked instrumentality that God uses to influence the people. The Armadale camp meeting held last year in Melbourne, Australia, is yet doing its work. Souls are coming out still under the labors that have been continued since the camp meeting. Everything must be done that can be done. If household ornaments could be disposed of, and invested in the work and cause of God, they would be as rivulets to swell into a large stream to carry forward the work of God. There is, I assure you, hard work to meet the defiant, determined opposition in this country; but my heart aches to see the work advance so tardily—the little done and the great work to be done. The walls of unbelief are frowning down upon us in defiance, upon our work being carried forward through tears and prayers. Lord, how long shall this state continue? 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 15

Oh, the grandeur of the truth! The surprising importance of the work in opening up the truth to those who are in the darkness of error—ready to die! Awful responsibilities rest upon those who know the truth—whom God has made the repository of sacred trust. The iniquity of men is reaching unto heaven. This makes devils triumphant, and angels weep, for if angels weep as they look upon the deterioration and widespread, deep corruptions of the world, [if they] are weeping over the perishing souls out of Christ, should not those who are indeed partakers of the frailties of humanity and their sins, call upon God’s witnesses to stand between the living and the dead? 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 16

I implore all who have any ornaments or trinkets which they could exchange into money or even into useful articles to do so in order to help us here, and to help the needy cause in America as well as in foreign countries. Let all church members individually consider what each can do now while Mercy’s voice is pleading, now while the four winds are being held, now while heaven’s opened door is ready to receive every repentant soul. Work, work for Jesus Christ, giving first yourself, then all that you can to advance the work. Opportunities of doing good work are open before you. Souls are perishing, and the name of God is dishonored. Vice is deepening. Infidelity is increasing in all the churches in our land, and the end is near. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 17

[East Tawas, Michigan

May 12, 1896

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. White:

This letter was sent to my address at Battle Creek, but the forwarding of it to my home has caused some delay. However, I hope you will receive it in time to answer via May steamer from San Francisco. It came via Vancouver. I hope you are meeting with prosperity in your work. 11LtMs, Lt 137, 1896, par. 18


(Signed) Emily C. Campbell]