Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


Need for Better Meeting Places

While in Copenhagen she was led by the Lord to speak to the ministers frankly about the sacredness of the work given to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. She referred to the meager halls that had been secured for the meetings while she was there. She said: EGWE 98.4

“I am far from being convinced that these small and obscure halls were the best places that could be secured, or that in this great city of three hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants the message should be given in a basement room that will accommodate but two hundred and this but half seated, so that a large part of the congregation have to stand. When God sends our brethren help, they should make earnest effort, even at some expense to bring the light before the people.”—Ibid., 184. EGWE 99.1

Later, in Orebro, Sweden, a similar circumstance developed when the public meetings where Mrs. White was to speak were held in a private dwelling. It is true, the brethren had limited financial resources, but the character of the royal message from the King of the universe to His earthly subjects deserved good auditoriums or halls whether in Copenhagen or Orebro or for that matter any city or town on earth! EGWE 99.2