Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


At the Wax Museum

In the midst of her busy preaching schedule Sister White did take time occasionally to relax and to do other things. She visited the new wax museum in this beautiful city, opened for the first time to the public in August. She wrote: EGWE 99.3

“Brother Matteson, Willie, Sara, and I walk to the large and beautiful building of the Panopticon. Here are the great men of the kingdom in wax life-like figures. They appear exactly as if alive.... It seemed difficult to think that these were not living, breathing human beings before us. The expression of the eye and the countenance seemed so perfectly natural.”—Manuscript 25, 1885. EGWE 99.4

While she was impressed by the Panopticon and by the magnificence of the city with its broad streets and lovely gardens, she could not conceal her concern for the soul of Copenhagen, that sinful, fun-loving city. “Pleasure, amusement, dancing and card playing, gambling, beer drinking and deplorable ignorance which always follow in the train of Christless indulgence, are flooding the city.”—Ibid. How she longed to turn the tide in favor of the gospel! EGWE 99.5