Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


A Horse and Carriage for the Visitor

These walks were getting more and more difficult for Sister White. Her hip was giving her pain, and her ankles, both of which had been broken at one time or another, troubled her. At one point she was so lame she had to speak on Sabbath sitting in a chair. All agreed that she needed a horse and carriage. She kept putting off the purchase, thinking all the time how much the money was needed for the mission. But at last she consented. EGWE 153.5

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg offered to pay for the purchase, but by the time his offer arrived she had already borrowed the necessary funds and bought a second-hand carriage and “an ordinary horse.” She found the carriage comfortable, and even noted that it would have to be greased only two or three times a year. In 1887, just before she left Europe, she sold the outfit and donated the proceeds to the work there. EGWE 153.6