Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


L. R. Conradi Comes to Europe

When W. C. White returned to Europe in February he brought another important addition to the mission force, Louis R. Conradi, a native German who had gone to America when he was 17. He had become a Seventh-day Adventist while there and had been ordained in 1882. Conradi would remain in Europe for many years, eventually becoming the head of the European work. EGWE 153.1

Ellen White noted his arrival by saying, “Brother Conradi is here now and he thinks of visiting Russia soon as there is a deep interest already awakened there through reading. I am glad Brother Conradi has come, for he is a successful worker among the Germans.”—Letter 29, 1886. EGWE 153.2

In late February Mrs. White was still not fully recovered. She confessed in a letter to Dr. Kellogg that for a time she had felt homesick and discouraged, “but the peace of Christ rested upon me in the night season and I felt sure that the promises of God would be verified to me” (Letter 32, 1886). The next day was a mild one, and she was up for a walk with Marian. She wrote: EGWE 153.3

“The streets are filled with baby carriages and women walking with infants in their arms on a pillow. They seem to be far more painstaking than in America to give their children fresh air and sunshine. Mothers act more like mothers than many in America who devote much time to dressing their children. The children are dressed plainly ... and their cheeks are rosy.”—Letter 95, 1886. EGWE 153.4