A Prophet Among You


Chapter 8—Prophecy After New Testament Times

Most believers in the Bible take it for granted that the gift of prophecy was withdrawn from the church when the writing of the New Testament was completed. Few Christians give serious consideration to the idea that the gift might have operated after that time. The purpose of this chapter is to study the Scriptural evidences which reveal God’s purpose to continue to send revelations to His church through prophets, whenever special messages might be necessary or desirable. In particular we will find that the gift should be present in the remnant church shortly before the return of the Saviour. About a dozen Bible passages, divided into four groups, present the evidence. Since there are no texts that even hint that the manifestations of the gift should end, it is not necessary to compare and weigh evidence to discover whether or not the gift should be present in post-Biblical times. Particular attention must be given to the circumstances under which it is indicated that the presence of the gift might be expected. APAY 135.1