A Prophet Among You



1. Can you discover additional significant relationships of the prophets that are not mentioned in this chapter? APAY 133.6

2. What reasons can you give why God should use women at times for prophets rather than restrict this office to men? APAY 133.7

3. Were there functions strictly within the scope of the prophetic office that were performed by the prophets but not by prophetesses? APAY 133.8

4. State the parallel responsibilities of the Levitical priest and his relation to the prophets and their writings, with those of the Seventh-day Adventist minister and his relation to the Scriptures. APAY 134.1

5. What might have been accomplished if prophet and priest had always co-operated as God intended? APAY 134.2

6. Can you find any New Testament truth that does not have its roots in the Old Testament? APAY 134.3

7. What would have been lost in the first advent of Jesus if there had been no prophetic messages concerning it? APAY 134.4

8. Notice the increased emphasis on the second advent in the New Testament books. Give particular attention to the New Testament predictions that clarify some of the Old Testament prophecies whose significance we might not have grasped without the additional light. APAY 134.5