A Prophet Among You


The Weight of Evidence

In their acceptance of Ellen White as the messenger of the Lord, and of her writings as special messages for the remnant church, Seventh-day Adventists have recognized both the internal and external evidences that she was divinely inspired. The harmony, consistency, and Biblical nature of these writings constitute the internal evidences of inspiration. The earlier chapters of this book, and the independent studies carried on in connection with the projects suggested in chapter 24, have focused much attention on these internal evidences. More extensive study would multiply examples of the type of evidence already clearly seen. Those who have carried on far-reaching research in the Ellen White writings are most firmly convinced of their inspired origin and most clearly see their value to the church. APAY 465.1

External evidences of inspiration come from observing the influence of the life and the writings of Mrs. White, and noting the fulfillment of her predictions. Again, both the chapters of this book and the study and observations of the individual offer multiplied instances that vindicate the confidence of the church. The beneficial effects that have come to the church through accepting and following the counsel given leave no room for question in the mind of one who knows the history of Seventh-day Adventists. APAY 465.2

Not all that is found in these special messages is fully understood, even as we do not grasp the full significance of all the Bible. But the weight of evidence presented by the things that can be understood heavily favors complete confidence in and acceptance of them. APAY 465.3