A Prophet Among You


Chapter 24—Studying Individual Topics

The purpose for gaining a historical background and an understanding of the function of the gift of prophecy is that we may derive the greatest benefit from the instruction given through the messenger. A thorough knowledge builds confidence, and confidence leads to study. Careful study prepares the way for acceptance and obedience. APAY 451.1

Nothing will convince one of the inspiration of the messages of Ellen White more than a thorough study of the topics she deals with, and a comparison with the material found in the Bible. There exists throughout the thousands of pages of her writings a unity that is akin to the unity of the Scriptures. Within this unity there is an ever-expanding revelation of spiritual truth. All the truth regarding any topic is not presented in one place. Precept is added to precept in numerous passages and in a variety of settings. No single portion can be fully grasped without a study of all that has been said on the subject. This, of course, is a wise procedure in the consideration of any field of knowledge. APAY 451.2

We have come to the place in our study where we will turn our attention more directly to the writings of Ellen White to learn a practical method of study. There are many ways of going about such study, but only one will be presented here. It must be regarded as suggestive and introductory rather than definitive. APAY 451.3