Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850]


A Desire to Correct Denominational Books

Then in August, 1910, another communication in which Prescott was named was addressed to the president of the General Conference which in part read: 10MR 336.5

For several months I have been instructed of the Lord that a decided change must be made from this time onward in the carrying forward of our work. 10MR 336.6

Message after message has come to me from the Lord concerning the dangers surrounding you and Elder Prescott. I have seen that Satan would have been greatly pleased to see Elders Prescott and Daniells undertake the work of a general overhauling of our books that have done a good work in the field for years. But neither of you is called of God to that work.... 10MR 336.7

Elder Prescott and others united with you have been inclined to search out things to be criticized or condemned in our printed publications. Were encouragement given you, changes and revisions would be made in accordance with the ideas that you have in mind. But you must never forget that Satan, disguised as an angel of light, is always ready to encourage anything that would lead to a loss of confidence in our denominational literature.... 10MR 336.8

It is not safe to set some minds running in such channels of thought, as this would lead to a harvest of doubt and unbelief. I know whereof I speak; for the Lord has opened this matter before me. (Letter 70, 1910.) 10MR 336.9

In this same letter, Ellen White advised that the two men not work together. She wrote: 10MR 337.1

In some respects, you and Brother Prescott have done a strange work. It is not for the best interests that either one of you be associated together so closely as heretofore.... You both need the sanctification of the Holy Spirit of God. (Ibid.) 10MR 337.2

Before bringing the letter to a close the messenger of the Lord was to write: 10MR 337.3

The enemy of truth, through the ministry of fallen angels, would be pleased to introduce uncertainty in the minds of many in regard to the doctrines that have been established by the sanction of the Holy Spirit. Disguised as one who has a deep understanding of truth, Satan will seek to point out supposed errors in that which needs no revision, and it will take much time and patient labor to restore confidence in those whose minds are unsettled by unnecessary changes. God forbids His servants to alter that which needs no change. (Ibid.) 10MR 337.4

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January 29, 1981.