Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 25 (1910 - 1915)


Lt 70, 1910

Daniells, A. G.


August 11, 1910 [typed]

Portions of this letter are published in 7MR 45; 10MR 49-51, 336-337, 364-366.

Elder A. G. Daniells

Dear Brother:

For several months I have been instructed of the Lord that a decided change must be made from this time onward in the carrying forward of our work. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 1

Message after message has come to me from the Lord concerning the dangers surrounding you and Elder Prescott. I have seen that Satan would have been greatly pleased to see Elders Prescott and Daniells undertake the work of a general overhauling of our books that have done a good work in the field for years. But neither of you is called of God to that work. If you were to enter upon such a work, much time would be employed that should be given to the proclamation of the last warning message to an impenitent world. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 2

The Lord would have been pleased had you and Elder Prescott and your associates taken upon yourselves the burden of giving to the inhabitants of the great cities the last warning message. This is a work that He has been calling us to do these many years. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 3

In some respects, you and Brother Prescott have done a strange work. It is not for the best interests that either one of you be associated together so closely as heretofore. It is not best for you to follow a way of your own choosing. You both have need of the sanctification of the Holy Spirit of God. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 4

In this period of the world’s history, God’s servants are to have confidence in his ability to qualify men to do His work in various ways to the glory of His name. Those appointed to lead out in the management of His cause in the earth are to have faith that He is able to perfect a work in righteousness, even through the instrumentality of imperfect workmen. Those in charge of the work are now to seek to build up, to encourage, to strengthen, but not to discourage, or to pull to pieces that which has been begun. A building-up policy has not always been followed. Representations have passed before me which indicate that you and Elder Prescott and others united with you have been inclined to search out things to be criticized or condemned in our printed publications. Were encouragement given you, changes and revisions would be made in accordance with the ideas that you have in mind. But you must never forget that Satan, disguised as an angel of light, is always ready to encourage anything that would lead to a loss of confidence in our denominational literature. He would be pleased to keep many minds employed in picking flaws in publications that God has blessed. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 5

The enemy of all truth well knows that if minds can be kept occupied in searching for and giving wide publicity to imperfections in books that have been printed and widely circulated, great weakness will be brought to our work. Time would pass rapidly, and the great work needed in our cities would remain undone. Besides, there would be created in the minds of many an uncertainty as to the value of our publications that have done a good work, and many minds would become absorbed in a further search for possible errors in our literature. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 6

The result would be the creation of a feeling of uncertainty in the minds of many as to the value of our denominational literature in general. If we should now sow broadcast seeds of doubt as to the correctness of our printed books and tracts, and encourage the thought that there must needs be a general revision of our published books, a work would have begun that the Lord has not appointed us to do. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 7

Even a suggestion as to inaccuracies would, if made public, lead some to vindicate their course of action in spending much time in an effort to search for flaws and to find fault. It is not safe to set some minds running in such channels of thought, as this would lead to a harvest of doubt and unbelief. I know whereof I speak; for the Lord has opened this matter before me. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 8

I am bidden to counsel you to leave the work of book revision and devote the entire energies of your mind to the presentation of Bible truth to souls who have never heard the third angel’s message. If you and Brother Prescott were to sow broadcast seeds of uncertainty and distrust in the minds of others, God would call you to a stern account for this evil. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 9

In the night season, I have seen men looking over our printed books in search of something to criticize, and the adversary was standing by their side, making suggestions to their minds. The natural result of unwise criticism would be to bring infidelity into our ranks. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 10

The Lord Jesus says to the president of the General Conference, “My grace is sufficient for thee; for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” [2 Corinthians 12:9.] Warn the cities. Time is precious. Repent and be converted. Repent, and redeem the time. Let everything be done that can be done to atone for your past neglect. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 11

When the president of our conference is thoroughly converted, the message he will give will be after the similitude of the divine. He will speak as a man understanding the solemn responsibility of declaring the whole counsel of God to the churches over which the Holy Ghost hath made him overseer. He is to see that the flock of God have the truth impressed on their souls. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 12

Elder Daniells, let your heart and mind be wholly consecrated to do the will of God, and labor for a similar work to take place in your family. Take up the long-neglected work in the cities. Plead with God most earnestly to set your mind to running in right channels. The Lord has not laid upon you nor upon any one else in Washington the work that some have fancied ought to be done. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 13

Satan and all his hosts are on the battlefield. The enemy of our souls has acted the part of a busy agent in presenting the thought that many of our books now in print are in need of general revision. He would be glad to have our brethren receive the impression that many changes must be made. He would delight to insinuate questioning and doubt into the minds of many of our people. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 14

I have been instructed that the Lord is not the author of the proposal to make many changes in books already published. If information regarding this sort of work, even as regards the few instances where revisions are needed, should become widespread, seeds of doubt would spring up in many minds. Satan would be busy at work implanting seeds of distrust and unbelief, and it would require much labor to remedy the evil that would be wrought. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 15

The enemy of truth, through the ministry of fallen angels, would be pleased to introduce uncertainty in the minds of many in regard to doctrines that have been established by the sanction of the Holy Spirit. Disguised as one who has a deep understanding of truth, Satan will seek to point out supposed errors in that which needs no revision, and it will take much time and patient labor to restore confidence in those whose minds are unsettled by unnecessary changes. God forbids His servants to alter that which needs no change. If our people would all act sensibly in regard to these matters, and not give themselves to a work of questioning and disputation, much doubt and consequent confusion would be avoided. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 16

There are some minds that are naturally inclined to question and criticize and condemn. Some, like Judas, are prone to inquire, “Why wear that silk dress?” or “Why spend your money for this or that, instead of for some other worthy object?” 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 17

In the closing days of Christ’s ministry, the traitorous disciple disputed about the ointment that Mary used in anointing Christ. It was Judas who raised the inquiry, “Why was not this ointment sold, and the proceeds given to the poor?” [John 12:5.] He cared not for the welfare of the poor. Jesus overheard the remark and spoke in approval of that which had been condemned. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 18

Matthew’s account of this incident reveals the fact that the Saviour took into consideration the motive prompting the deed of the penitent woman, and this led to His unqualified approval of that which man was so ready to question and condemn. We read: 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 19

“Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, there came unto Him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on His head as He sat at meat. But when His disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste? for this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 20

“When Jesus understood it, He said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman; for she hath wrought a good work upon Me. For ye have the poor always with you; but Me ye have not always. For in that she hath poured this ointment on My body, she did it for My burial. Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her.” Matthew 26:6-13. 25LtMs, Lt 70, 1910, par. 21