Messenger of the Lord


How Ellen White Measures Up

In the final section, “Continuing Relevancy of the Messenger,” we will ask: Does Ellen White measure up as a messenger bearing God’s message in modern times? Does her seventy-year ministry establish her credentials as a divine messenger? We will note how she did her work, both privately and publicly, and review the virtually seamless relationship between her ministry and the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. MOL xvii.8

Seventh-day Adventists have generally believed that Ellen G. White was God’s messenger. Why did Adventists in her day come to that conclusion, and why have Adventists since her death also arrived at this conclusion? MOL xvii.9

In our closing pages we will ask: How relevant is Ellen White today? She died in 1915. Can she speak in any meaningful way to a transistorized global village where information by the Internet is instantaneous to computer operators throughout the planet, where science always seems to have one more solution to the world’s needs “in the nick of time”? Though circumstances have changed drastically, and the socio-political world is sharply different, we will note that Ellen White’s writings speak pointedly to our day, and are increasingly relevant to this end-time. MOL xvii.10