Messenger of the Lord


Applying Biblical Norms

The norms by which we measure Biblical prophets can easily be applied to Ellen White. MOL 514.4

• Her teachings are in harmony with the Bible. 2 From the beginning to the end of her ministry, her counsel rings clear: “The Lord desires you to study your Bibles. He has not given any additional light to take the place of His Word. This light [her own ministry] is to bring confused minds to His Word, which, if eaten and digested, is as the lifeblood of the soul.” 3 MOL 514.5

Critics charge that Ellen White contradicts the Bible. 4 It may be that a few statements regarding a person or a date seem inconsistent with a Biblical text. But such discrepancies are insignificant. They merely are examples of the human element in the revelation/inspiration process, even as we observe discrepancies in the writings of certain Biblical prophets. 5 MOL 514.6

The main issue is how well did she cut through the confusion and impasses of two thousand years and present to the modern world a full-orbed picture of the everlasting gospel? A fair review of her writings indicates that she united the basic concern of traditional conservatives with the heartfelt convictions of traditional liberals. In doing so, her theological message transcended the age-old stalemates that have caused divisions between churches and those within churches. Her main theological message transcends the limitations of the messenger. Her message is the basis for her claim to be God’s messenger. 6 MOL 514.7

• The fruitage of Ellen White’s ministry becomes more compelling with the passing of time. 7 The test of time is a crucial test of a person’s message. History books are full of leaders with great ideas in every field of knowledge; few of these people are even remembered today except for a possible footnote in a history book. MOL 514.8

Scarcely one hundred believers in 1850, the Adventist movement has become worldwide, growing beyond ten million adherents. Non-Adventist observers, as well as Adventists, emphatically declare that Ellen White is a prime reason for this worldwide influence. Not just a preaching ministry, the Adventist Church sponsors the largest Protestant school system in the world. In addition, its medical program is internationally known, largely the product of Ellen White’s nurturing. MOL 514.9

These worldwide programs, including ADRA, 8 would never have reached their present achievements without the foresight and principles set forth by Ellen White. For example, Loma Linda University, with its internationally recognized School of Medicine, would not even exist had it not been for the vision and tenacity of Ellen White. MOL 515.1