Messenger of the Lord


Chapter 24—Health Principles-Part 1: Emergence of a Health Message

“Through it all [the development and history of Seventh-day Adventist health principles and medical practice] we see the guidance of God as projected by the little lady from Elmshaven. At strategic moments in the development of our medical work, this remarkable woman gave the encouragement and wise counsel needed to keep the program balanced and moving forward.” 1 MOL 278.1

Because of her understanding of the Great Controversy Theme, Ellen White saw the implications involved in humanity’s indivisible unity of body, mind, and spirit. Not only were human beings “free moral agents,” 2 the interacting, integrating components of body, mind, and spirit required the health of each component so that all the components would function effectively. Without the wellbeing of this synergy, the human being would soon suffer and hasten the slide to death. 3 MOL 278.2