The Voice of The Spirit



“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever” (Isaiah 40:8). The prophet’s words, repeated by the apostle Peter, 1 remind us of an important truth—the only sure and permanent thing in this world is the Word of the Lord. VOTS 115.1

The Bible was written over a period of more than 1500 years. The great prophet Moses, whom God inspired to initiate the writing of the Bible, was a man of two worlds—the Egyptian Empire, the most sophisticated and civilized of its time, and the people of Israel, a rather primitive group who came out of slavery. No one at the time could have imagined the final destiny of those two worlds in which Moses lived. The Egyptian Empire has passed into history, but Moses is in heaven, 2 and the writings that God directed to His people through him have challenged millions throughout the centuries. VOTS 115.2

What made the difference? VOTS 115.3

The answer is: the prophetic word. VOTS 115.4

Our Lord Jesus Christ arrived on this earth as a defenseless baby born in a manger, and seemingly finished His life on a cross. The all-powerful Roman Empire tried to crush His followers, but they were willing to suffer and even give their lives for the word of God and the “testimony of Jesus.” 3 No one could have imagined the final outcome. The Roman Empire has passed into history. Christ is in heaven, at the right hand of the Father, and is about to return to earth seeking His followers who gave their lives for the Word. What made the difference? The sure promises of Christ and the dependability of His Word that “lives and remains forever.” VOTS 115.5

The Advent movement began with a disappointment—a theological disillusionment—and became an object of derision by contemporaries. The small group of believers was discouraged and divided by diverse interpretations and theories. A fragile young girl with no formal education began to assert that she had received messages from God. Very few believed her. It seemed impossible to human eyes that this religious movement could gather strength and become the final church prophesied in Scripture. God, however, had other plans, and these were revealed through the gift of prophecy. That small initial movement has become a world church. More than ten million members await the return of the Lord with assurance and joy. What made the difference? The prophetic word. The voice of the Spirit has also made a difference in many lives. Those who rejected it or rise up against it have harvested only bitterness and incredulity. Others have doubted her and have left without at least looking for answers to their questions On the other hand, those who accept her have received countless blessings that have come to them in the form of trust, faith, security, peace of mind, and transformed lives. The difference is immense, deep, and of eternal consequence. VOTS 116.1