The Voice of The Spirit


Chapter 7— Human Interpretation

The final step in the process of divine-human communication is very important. It deals with the reception of the message by the person or persons to whom it is directed. As stated in the preface, the way in which human beings perceive, interpret, and finally handle God’s message, is of vital importance for the fulfillment of the divine objectives. VOTS 96.1

Hermeneutics is the word scholars use to refer to the procedures for interpreting writings of the past. It comes from a term that means “to translate” or “to interpret.” Actually, any time a person gets up to speak from the pulpit, to a class of theology students, or even to a Bible study group in Sabbath School, he or she becomes an interpreter of the inspired writings, with all the responsibility and seriousness that implies. Consequently, how the prophetic writings are perceived, interpreted, and handled have both individual and collective consequences, to the point that the unity of the faith in the church of God comes into the picture. VOTS 96.2