The Abiding Gift of Prophecy


Chapter 1—The Prophetic Gift Bestowed

The gift of prophecy is one of God’s choicest gifts to the human family. Indeed, it ranks next to the supreme gift of His only-begotten Son and of His Holy Spirit to a world estranged and separated by sin. AGP 15.1

But the giving of His Son made necessary the bestowal of another gift—the gift of prophecy. This was imperative. It was required as a medium of communication through which the Lord might tell a lost, perishing world why He gave His only Son. Through this channel—the prophetic gift—God has held communion with man since the fall. By this method of communication He has ever given messages of information, guidance, warning, and entreaty to the entire human family. AGP 15.2

In doing this the Lord has mercifully lifted the curtain that separates His world of light from our world of darkness. Through the opening thus made, the glorious light of His sinless world pours into our world enshrouded in moral darkness. The coming in of that light has brought the new vision, the new hope, and the transformed life God purposed in the giving of His Son. AGP 15.3

The revelations that have come from God to men through the prophetic gift have, in part at least, been recorded and preserved for the benefit of the whole world through all time. It has made possible the Bible—that sacred and divine record bearing the name, “The word of God.” AGP 15.4