The Abiding Gift of Prophecy


Need for Medical College Apparent

Early in June, 1909, Elders E. E. Andross, J. A. Burden, and R. S. Owen appeared before the General Conference Committee in Takoma Park, as representatives of the College of Evangelists in Loma Linda, California, to ask counsel regarding the future of the school. They pointed out that a number of messages had come from Mrs. White regarding the education that should be given at this place, some of which indicated that both nurses and physicians should be trained there. AGP 355.2

As early as December 10, 1905, in a letter of counsel to the manager of Loma Linda, she said: AGP 355.3

“In regard to the school, I would say, Make it all you possibly can in the education of nurses and physicians.” E. G. White Letter 325, 1905.

Then again, under date of August 19, 1906, she wrote of Loma Linda: AGP 355.4

“A special work is to be done there in qualifying young men and young women to be efficient medical missionary workers….

“Preparations must be made for the school to be opened as soon as possible. Our young men and young women are to find in Loma Linda a school where they can receive a medical missionary training, and where they will not be brought under the influence of some who are seeking to undermine the truth.” E. G. White Letter 274, 1906.

In the Review of June 21, 1906, Mrs. White wrote: AGP 355.5

“Loma Linda is to be not only a sanitarium, but an educational center. With the possession of this place comes the weighty responsibility of making the work of the institution educational in character. A school is to be established here for the training of gospel medical missionary evangelists.”

In a talk at Loma Linda, October 30, 1907, she said: AGP 356.1

“Physicians are to receive their education here. Here they are to receive such a mold that when they go out to labor, they will not seek to grasp the very highest wages, or else do nothing.” E. G. White MS. 151-1907.

A committee of twelve was appointed to give study to the question, and to report back to the General Conference Committee. On July 25 this committee rendered its report. They recommended that we recognize the Loma Linda College of Evangelists “as a special training school for medical missionary workers for the world-wide field, and encourage it to maintain and strengthen its efforts to provide a course of study for the training of workers combining the qualifications of the highly trained nurse with those of the practical evangelist.” AGP 356.2