The Abiding Gift of Prophecy


Chapter 30—Denomination Saved From Pantheistic Teaching

The Bible sets forth as the object of our worship an infinite Being whose dwelling place is in heaven. That He is a personal Being, we have abundant evidence. As Creator, He made man in His own image. Jesus Christ came into the world to reveal to men His personality and His character. He Himself, as a man with our nature, prayed to the One who had sent Him on a mission of love to earth, and taught His disciples to address Him as “Our Father which art in heaven.” AGP 330.1

Though the almighty God is beyond finite comprehension, yet many seek unwisely to delve into the question of His personal nature and attributes. Especially in this age of great learning is there danger that men will, by so-called scientific methods, enter into speculations regarding the Infinite,—speculations that will take away from their hearts that saving faith which is imperative for salvation. AGP 330.2

In marked contrast to the Biblical view of a God infinitely greater than the creatures of His hand, One who is outside of and beyond us, is the teaching that God is a mysterious essence, or an impersonal influence, a mere force pervading all nature. Such a teaching is known as pantheism, though it is found in various forms and in sundry religious garbs. In India, it is found in Hinduism; in China, in Taoism and Confucianism; among the followers of Colonel Alcott and Annie Besant, it is named theosophy; with Mrs. Eddy and her followers, it constitutes the very heart of Christian Science; with Herbert Spencer, it is denominated the Unknowable Intelligence. Others designate it “New Thought.” This teaching is popular today. AGP 330.3

The story of the insidious attempted entrance of pantheistic sentiments into the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and of the checking of the movement by messages from heaven through the gift of prophecy, is of thrilling interest to those who passed AGP 330.4

through the experience herein narrated. The story is related briefly here, not for the purpose of reviving old controversies, but as a remarkable instance of the profound influence of the spirit of prophecy in restoring unity in the church, and in warning against subtle dangers unperceived by those being unconsciously drawn into a fatal snare. Some of those whose feet were slipping again planted their feet on the eternal rock of truth, while the few who persisted in their beliefs have disconnected themselves entirely from the organized body. AGP 331.1