Ellen G. White — Messenger to the Remnant


Brochure II — Prophetic Guidance in Early Days

Chapter 1—The True Prophetic Gift Appears

The Spirit of prophecy, as manifest in the life and work of Ellen G. Harmon White, profoundly influenced the early development of the Seventh-day Adventist movement. This was notably true of that decade from 1844 to 1855, during which the essentials of doctrine and practice had their establishment. Assuming and receiving its rightful place in guarding, correcting, and leading the developing movement, the instruction through this gift was never a substitute for Bible study. Though its presence was foretold in Scripture, its appearance was unlooked for, as the pioneers of the message were not at the outset prepared to evaluate fully their own position or to discern the vast work which was before them. EGWMR 27.1

Aware of God’s purpose to establish direct communication with the remnant church, the great adversary so timed the manifestation of spurious spiritual gifts as slightly to precede the appearance of the genuine, thus leading the advent believers and the Christian world generally to take attitudes opposing the acceptance of the true manifestation. The following examples are illustrative: EGWMR 27.2