Ellen G. White — Messenger to the Remnant


One of the Many Journeys

The little black leather-covered diary not only reveals the plans for this journey but discloses also a detailed, day-by-day account of the trip. Occasionally it gives us a glimpse of her heart experience. Here is the entry for Friday, January 7: “Went to Otsego, to Brother Leighton’s. It was a cold drive, yet we kept quite comfortable.” The entries that follow tell of meetings held and people seen, and of her state of health. We turn to Wednesday, January 19: “In the afternoon we go to Wright [where nine years later our first camp meeting was held]. Brother Cramer, the elder, takes a seat in our carriage to pilot us. He is acquainted with the road. It is a good road. Have no milk for Teresa [Evidently Brother Cramer’s daughter.]. She cries. Oh that we may be as earnest for the bread of life as she is for temporal food. She will not be satisfied.”—Diary, 1859. EGWMR 99.5

Two days later, Friday, Mrs. White thought especially of home, as the traveling worker often does when the Sabbath draws on. She confides in her diary: “I have felt so homesick on the journey. Fear that I have not been willing to sacrifice the company of my husband and children to do others good. I desire a willingness to make a whole sacrifice and crucify every selfish feeling. I feel a lack of the Spirit of God. Have had a weeping time before the Lord.”[—Manuscript 5, 1859.] EGWMR 100.1