The Testimony of Jesus


Chapter 19—The Personal Touch

It is in personal touch with individuals that we form our most intimate conceptions of the real spirit that actuates their lives. Unfortunately, this personal acquaintance with the messenger of the Lord has been denied the great majority of our readers. Believing, however, that they would appreciate, as far as possible, an acquaintance with her, we present her picture (see page 1), taken when she was in her prime, in active and buoyant service in the work of God; also a facsimile letter from Mrs. White to her husband, James White. This letter, of course, was not written with the thought that it would ever be published or be read by any outside of the immediate family circle. Even so, it breathes the same spirit of earnest consecration to God and of burden for the souls of others as is represented in all the writings of this messenger of God. TOJ 149.1