Sister White


Sister White

A Life of Ellen G. White

For Primary Children


Arthur Whitefield Spalding

Author of Christian Storytelling,

Pioneer Stories, Captains of the Host,

and other books

Illustrated by Kreigh Collins

Review and Herald Publishing Association

Washington, D.C.

Copyright © 2000, Review and Herald Publishing Association

He drew near with a smile, and laying His hand upon my head, said, “Fear not.” The sound of His sweet voice thrilled my heart with a happiness it had never before experienced.

Ellen G. White

1. She Was at Camp Meeting7
2. When She Was a Little Girl15
3. God Spoke to Her24
4. Print a Little Paper34
5. She Loved Children41
6. A Bridge of Ice51
7. Care for Your Body60
8. The First and Best School67
9. As Many as Six Children76
10. The Morning Star84
11. The Mountain Children91
12. The Hill Beautiful99
13. Into All the World106
14. The Smiles of God116
15. God Gives His Beloved Sleep122