“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”


Our Visits

Dear Friends,

In a page or two you will be visiting with Sister White in her Battle Creek home on Wood Street, where you will ask many questions about her life and her work. But before beginning your visit, let’s have a few words of explanation. LASW 3.1

Through the years the Whites lived in several homes in Battle Creek, also in California, and other places. James White, Sister White’s husband, died in 1881. After that Mrs. White continued to travel widely in the United States. She also spent about eleven years in Western Europe and Australia. In your imaginary visit with her, you will span some of these years and go with her on many of her journeys. We hope that your visit with the Lord’s messenger will help you to love Jesus more and establish your faith in God’s Word and the Spirit of Prophecy writings. LASW 3.2

Your questions to Sister White, which appear in a different style of type, will be answered in her words and hers alone, taken from her diaries, letters, articles, and books. When she wrote in her diary she was often tired or in a hurry, and those entries were not always written in complete sentences. To keep the message of this book in easily understood language some words or sentences have been omitted, but only when the real meaning of the statements could be fully preserved. The sources of all of Sister White’s answers are listed at the close of the book. LASW 3.3

You will enjoy reading what Sister White has to say, also the brief historical sketches we have prepared at the beginning of each chapter. LASW 3.4

The Trustees of the White Estate