“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”


Chapter 10—Tell Me More About Your Travels

Sister White, Do You Remember Any Special Experiences That Came To You In Your Travels?

I left Battle Creek October 23 [1878] for the Kansas camp meeting. We found the tents in a grove. It was late in the season, and faithful preparation had been made for cold weather. Every tent had a stove. LASW 112.1

Sabbath morning it commenced snowing; but not one meeting was suspended. About an inch of snow fell, and the air was piercing cold. Women with little children clustered about the stoves. It was touching to see one hundred and fifty people assembled for a meeting under these circumstances. Some had come two hundred miles. All seemed hungry for the bread of life, and thirsty for the water of salvation. LASW 112.2

Sabbath morning I spoke to those who had made so great an effort to attend the meeting. I told them that our hopes are reaching forward to the Christian’s summer, when we shall change climate, leave all the wintry blasts and fierce tempests behind, and be taken to those mansions Jesus has gone to prepare for those that love Him. 1 LASW 112.3