“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”


Chapter 6—Did You Have Vacations?

Our Family Like To Go To The Mountains For Our Vacation. Where Did You Go?

Wednesday, July 17, 1872.—We arose at half past three o’clock. We rode three miles to Wamego [Kansas] and stepped on board the train for our long route to Denver. We prepared to view the country we were passing through. We saw no buffalo herds nigh, but about two hundred dead buffalo lying upon the plains. These had been killed by the hunters—some for their hides, others merely for their hindquarters, to dry to sell. We saw a dead antelope near the track. We saw several antelopes at some distance, also a large herd of buffalo. We saw many houses built underground, where families lived. Many of these men lived by hunting. The land seemed poor, and we traveled for fifteen or twenty miles without seeing a house. We saw herds of cattle numbering thousands, with several men on horseback herding the cattle. We saw many settlements of prairie dogs scudding about the track and off on the prairie. 1 LASW 70.1