“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”


Were Your Boys Interested In Pets?

Willie, I dreamed of talking with you last night and telling you that your hens were too closely confined. They must have sunlight, air, and room to exercise in, then they will be healthy; and if you give them gravel, will lay even in cold weather. You let them out and they seemed so happy, so contented and went to laying and you brought in several eggs. “There, Willie,” said I, “see what pure air, sunlight, and exercise will do? The cow, Willie, must have the same treatment.” 6 LASW 55.1

Willie, I must tell you about Margaret’s cats. She has two cats just alike, just of a bigness. They are just the color of a rat, Maltese color. Sister Folsom takes a piece of meat and holds it up to her shoulder and the kitties will give a spring and climb to the top of her shoulder for the meat and then get down and eat it. These kitties are good, faithful kitties. They catch great big rats. LASW 55.2

Willie, we had a ride in the horse car again. You remember them! 7 LASW 55.3