“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”


Chapter 1—Tell Me About the Olden Days

Sister White, Please Tell Me About Your Life When You Were A Girl.

I was born at Gorham, Maine, November 26, 1827. While I was but a child, my parents removed from Gorham to Portland, Maine. Here, at the age of nine years, an accident happened to me which was to affect my whole life. In company with my twin sister and one of our schoolmates, I was crossing a common in the city of Portland when a girl about thirteen years of age, becoming angry at some trifle, threw a stone that hit me on the nose. I was stunned by the blow and fell senseless to the ground. LASW 8.1

When consciousness returned, I found myself in a merchant’s store. A kind stranger offered to take me home in his carriage, but I, not realizing my weakness, told him that I preferred to walk. But after walking only a few rods I grew faint and dizzy. My twin sister and my schoolmate carried me home. I noticed nothing, but lay in a stupor for three weeks. LASW 8.2

When I again aroused to consciousness, it seemed to me that I had been asleep. I did not remember the accident, and was ignorant of the cause of my illness. A great cradle had been made for me, and in it I lay for many weeks. I gained strength very slowly. As I became able to join in play with my young friends, I was forced to learn the bitter lesson that our personal appearance often makes a difference in the treatment we receive from our companions. 1 LASW 8.3