“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”

I Wish I Could Go To That Kind Of School!

Who gives us the sunshine which makes the earth bring forth and bear? and who the fruitful showers? Every time we look at the world, we are reminded of the mighty hand of God. He might have made the grass brown or black, but God is a lover of the beautiful, and He has given us beautiful things upon which to look. LASW 153.1

We have no better lesson book than nature. 22 LASW 153.2

The animals are to be teachers. The ants teach lessons of patient industry, and the birds are teachers of the sweet lesson of trust. Our heavenly Father provides for them; but they must gather the food, they must build their nests and rear their young. Every moment they are exposed to enemies that seek to destroy them. Yet how cheerily they go about their work! How full of joy are their little songs! All the creatures of the woods and hills are a part of His great household. He opens His hand and satisfies “the desire of every living thing.” 23 LASW 153.3