“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”


Chapter 13—Some More Questions I’d Like to Ask

Some People Say That The Sabbath Has Been Changed. Others Don’t Worry About Keeping Any Day Holy. How About That, Sister White?

Some urge that it is of no consequence whether we keep the Sabbath or not; but we say that it is a matter of great importance. Had it not been important, God would not have wrought to deliver His people from Egyptian bondage. It was because He saw they could not obey His commandments in their servitude, that He revealed His mighty arm in bringing them into a place where they could serve Him. When they came to Sinai, Christ and the Father, standing side by side upon the mount, with solemn majesty proclaimed the Ten Commandments, placing in the very center the Sabbath command. Again and again the Lord told the people that if they would keep His Sabbath He would take them to Himself to be His chosen people; and again and again sorrow and shame were brought upon them because they failed to keep it. He also told them that the Sabbath should be a sign between Him and them forever, that they might know that He was the Lord their God. LASW 146.1

We want to know the truth, the whole truth, as it is in Jesus. All we need to know is the will of the Master. He says, “Go forward.” We should obey, even though the Red Sea were before us. 1 LASW 146.2