Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525]


MR No. 424—Satan as an Angel of Light

It is those who have had the most light that Satan most assiduously seeks to ensnare. He knows that if he can deceive them, they will, under his control, clothe sin with garments of righteousness, and lead many astray. I say to all, Be on your guard; for as an angel of light Satan is walking in every assembly of Christian workers, and in every church, trying to win the members to his side. I am bidden to give to the people of God the warning, “be not deceived; God is not mocked.”—Manuscript 15, 1908, 5. (“The Need of Watchfulness,” typed March 30, 1908.) 7MR 45.1

In this period of the world's history, God's servants are to have confidence in His ability to qualify men to do His work in various ways, to the glory of His name. Those appointed to lead out in the management of His cause in the earth, are to have faith that He is able to perfect a work in righteousness even through the instrumentality of imperfect workmen. Those in charge of the work are now to seek to build up, to encourage, to strengthen, but not to discourage, or to pull to pieces that which has been begun.... 7MR 45.2

You must never forget that Satan, disguised as an angel of light, is always ready to encourage anything that would lead to a loss of confidence in our denominational literature. He would be pleased to keep many minds employed in picking flaws in publications that God has blessed.—Letter 70, 1910, pp. 1, 2. (To Elder A. G. Daniells, August 11, 1910.) 7MR 45.3

Released May 23, 1975.