Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96]


Experienced Men Needed

The wages offered should be such as will secure the best kind of help. Nothing will be saved in narrowing in this line. Loss will be sustained if inexperienced men become superintendents or managers in the business lines of the institution. It would have been wisdom if there had been an all-round man in business matters to work in the Health Retreat, one who would be prepared to do outside work, and answer the calls made. Then Drs. B and C could have filled their proper positions as physicians, and leave the work of managing to those better calculated to do that class of work. Thus thousands of dollars that have been expended, might have been saved. This devising and planning of men, and running the institution after their own ideas, has increased the enormous debts upon the institution.... 1MR 70.1

Let one take hold of that institution who has had an experience in business lines, one who conscientiously loves God, and who can give time to consider the various propositions made by physicians to eat up the means which should go to lessen the great debt under which the institution is a reproach. Let all who have a burning desire to ape the institutions at Battle Creek, to build, build, make the most of what they have already.... 1MR 70.2

He [Dr. Kellogg] could serve in several lines. But he has been warned that he should not carry the responsibilities that he has carried in the past, not because he has not capabilities to do this, but because the work is so large, because it is increasing in importance, and the delicate and responsible business of dealing with suffering humanity is overwhelmingly large. For him to thus occupy his mind and his time so largely in common business lines is heavy work for a man who is already burdened too heavily. Yet he has not seen how he could withhold from making plans that would advance the work, and his counsel is sought largely in lines that another should have wisdom to carry forward.—Manuscript 31, 1897, 1-4. (“Managers of Sanitariums,” April 6, 1897.) 1MR 70.3