Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96]


Work of Manager to Stand by Itself

The position which Dr. A insisted upon holding was that of Superintendent or Manager. Here the mistake was made. This office should never have been given him. His time and labor, devoted to his patients, is all that one physician is capable of carrying. He has thought that he should stand as Dr. Kellogg has had to stand in the [Battle Creek] Sanitarium. But if he does his work faithfully in instructing and educating the workers, in treating the sick, and in answering the calls which will certainly be made upon him from outside patients, and which it is the duty of every physician to attend to, if he ministers to the suffering ones, this is all that he can manage. The business and financial management should not come upon him; for things will be neglected that ought to be done, and others devised and entered into which should be left alone. The superintendency is a work that should stand by itself. A judicious superintendent should be secured, who will have the supervision over everything in business lines. He should have power, after consulting with the board of directors, to scrutinize the business management in the bills made out for the guests. 1MR 69.1

There has been a mistake made in this line. Strange movements have been made in these matters. There has not been altogether wise dealing in this respect, and the institution has had to suffer in consequence. There should be a complete understanding of the outgoes and incomes. A bookkeeper, one who is not a physician, should be engaged to keep the books. 1MR 69.2