Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96]


Tea, Coffee, and Flesh Meats not to Be Served to the Patients

In regard to your statement that Dr. _____ would come to help you in the Wahroonga Sanitarium, on certain conditions, including the privilege of serving whatever food he might desire to serve at the table, I would say that you had better not accept the services of those who will come only on condition that such terms shall be made; for the terms on which they would come are evidence that you do not want them. They would be a perplexity to you rather than a help. Anyone who makes propositions of this kind would, I fear, cause you more anxiety and trouble than you could afford.... 1MR 289.2

Never allow Dr. _____ to connect with the institution with the understanding that tea, coffee, and flesh meat will be served to the patients.... 1MR 289.3

As regards the flesh-meat question, I know that if such men as Dr. _____ should connect with the institution, you could not deal with this question without great worry and perplexity.... 1MR 289.4

We are living in a solemn and important time. The effort to build the sanitarium has been a tremendous one, and we cannot afford to bring into connection with it those who would prove a hindrance to its work and an injury to its reputation. 1MR 289.5

In regard to flesh meat, do not bring it into the [Wahroonga] sanitarium. Neither tea nor coffee should be served. Caramel cereal, made as nicely as possible, should be served in the place of these health-destroying beverages. In regard to the third meal, do not make eating but two meals compulsory. Some do best healthwise when eating three light meals, and when they are restricted to two, they feel the change severely. 1MR 289.6

You may not at first have as large a number of patients at the sanitarium as you will later on, but do not become discouraged. Letter 200, 1902, pp. 1, 2, 9. (To Dr. and Mrs. D. H. Kress, December 15, 1902.) 1MR 290.1