Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96]


Flesh Meat not Necessary in Treating Sinking Spells

I have received your letters and will now answer some of the points contained in them. 1MR 287.3

Dr. A—asked me if, under any circumstances, I would advise the drinking of chicken broth if one were sick and could not take anything else into the stomach. I said, “There are persons dying of consumption, who, if they ask for chicken broth, should have it. But I would be very careful.” The example should not injure a sanitarium or make excuse for others to think their case required the same diet. I asked Dr. A—if she had such a case at the sanitarium. She said, “No; but I have a sister in the sanitarium at Wahroonga, who is very weak. She has weak, sinking spells, but cooked chicken she can eat.” I said, “It would be best to remove her from the sanitarium.” She answered, “Her husband is in the sanitarium, filling the position of physician.”.... 1MR 287.4

I found Dr. B—’ s wife in Washington in the same condition that Dr. A—’s sister is in. They said she was unable to eat anything but meat, and that her blood was turning to water. But the light given me was her impression that she must live on meat was not correct. I was instructed that she was placing herself mentally in a position in which she should not be. If she would discard the use of meat for one year, the unfavorable position in which she now is would be changed, and there would be an opportunity for healthy action to take place in her system. She could, if she overcame her meat eating, be in a much better condition and live to glorify God.... 1MR 288.1

The light given me is that if the sister you mention would brace up and cultivate her taste for wholesome food, all these sinking spells would pass away. 1MR 288.2

She has cultivated her imagination; the enemy has taken advantage of her weakness of body, and her mind is not braced to bear up against the hardships of everyday life. It is good, sanctified mind cure she needs, an increase of faith, and active service for Christ. She needs also the exercise of her muscles in outside practical labor. Physical exercise will be to her one of the greatest blessings of her life. She need not be an invalid, but a wholesome-minded, healthy woman, prepared to act her part nobly and well. 1MR 288.3

All the treatment that may be given to this sister will be of little advantage unless she acts her part. She needs to strengthen muscle and nerve by physical labor. She need not be an invalid, but can do good, earnest labor. Letter 231, 1905, pp. 1-3. (To Dr. and Mrs. D. H. Kress, July 11, 1905.) 1MR 289.1