Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96]


The Question of Meeting God's Standards (1888)

The burden of inquiry is, How shall our institutions be made a success? How shall good work be done in them, work that will stand the test of the judgment? Day by day God is testing and proving His people. The inspired Word plainly declares that by our works we are deciding our eternal destiny. 1MR 278.1

It is evident that the world is becoming as wicked as it was before the Flood. Christ said that thus it would be. The influence of the prevailing evil is felt even in our health institutions. Even here the iniquity that has been cherished in human hearts counterworks the work of God in restoring His moral image in man; and because iniquity abounds, the love of many (for God and righteousness) waxes cold. 1MR 278.2

In our health institutions a decided firm principle should be maintained, not a vague belief. The blessings that God has provided for those who will stand firm as a rock to principle, are worth all the efforts and sacrifice we may be called upon to make. We are to press our way upward, heavenward, notwithstanding all the corrupting, worldly influence that will oppose every step of reformation and restoration and purification which God requires. The world's standard can never be the standard of the Health Retreat. Those who are entrusted with sacred, holy principles, should pray a great deal in faith for wisdom from God. If they meditate and hold converse with God, as is their privilege, they will be enabled to obey the Word of God; they will eat of that living bread which cometh down from heaven. 1MR 278.3