Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770]


The Salamanca Experience

Salamanca, NY, Sabbath, November 1, 1890—The cold is very severe upon me. I shall attempt to speak, but it will be with difficulty. We have the Congregational church. 9MR 73.1

The Lord did indeed help and strengthen and bless me in speaking to the people, dwelling largely upon the necessity of faith and love for one another as followers of Christ, which has been almost extinct in our churches. The words spoken were heartily received and the seed sown I sincerely believe will start a train of thought that will result in the cultivation of greater love and increased faith in the rich promises of God.... 9MR 73.2

We are as a people to guard ourselves diligently lest we forget the charges of the Lord. There are many dangers that we shall avoid if we keep ourselves a distinct people from the world. Our children are the Lord's heritage to be educated and disciplined, and that most faithfully, to obey God and keep all the words of the Lord in obeying His commandments. Parents are responsible to God for strictly guarding their children in the path of obedience to God. 9MR 73.3

Salamanca, NY, Sunday, November 2, 1890—I spoke on the subject of temperance, dwelling largely upon the necessity of training children that they shall not become drunkards. All listened with most earnest attention, and many came and thanked me for the good words spoken. They confessed they had become very indifferent in the training and educating of their children: “If we had heard these words you have spoken from the Lord to us, and done according to the instruction given, our children might now be with us serving the Lord. The blame is wholly on us.” 9MR 73.4

The special instruction given from the Lord Jesus to Moses and Aaron and Caleb, is to us just as much as to them. “We are to keep our children now,” I said, “from the association of worldlings.” While we shall not cease to warn and entreat and try to present the truth to the parents who are unbelievers, to mix and mingle with them in association will be to the ruin of your children. 9MR 74.1

Salamanca, NY, Monday, November 3, 1890—I had an appointment Monday afternoon and I tried to fill it....I dwelt again upon the necessity of faith, the necessity of loving God supremely and our neighbor as ourselves. 9MR 74.2

I could not tell the words I spoke, but many said, “The power of God was upon you. The words came to us as wonderful inspiration.” 9MR 74.3

I know that the words of the Lord Jesus had come to the people. Many spoke of the help they received from the words spoken. I told them to render no thanks to me. God and He alone should have the praise. I was only an instrument in His hands and I could not have stood upon my feet and spoken at all had not the Lord helped me in a special manner.... 9MR 74.4

November 4, 1890—We left Salamanca Tuesday, November 4, 1890, about eleven o'clock....We were at last seated in the cars and were thankful to be moving. I longed to be where I could write out the things that were opened to me the past night. 9MR 74.5

I had a very marked experience, which I hope never to forget. Through the night season I was in communion with God. I was taken out of and away from myself, and was in different States and assemblies, bearing a decided testimony of reproof and warning.—Manuscript 44, 1890, pp. 2-6. (Diary: “Experience at Salamanca, NY, November 1-4, 1890.) 9MR 74.6

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